Customer cases

Cloud-based customer solution

Customer requirements

Consolidation of existing infrastructure spread over a hybrid dedicated platform and a cloud solution being managed partly by internal technical teams and partly by teams outside Luxembourg, in order to comply with CSSF regulation.

For manageability reasons, technological choice turned to a CITRIX platform "zero customer" allowing elimination of the administrative burden of workstations and increasing user mobility. A secure remote access solution (strong authentication) has been set up to meet specific users needs.

Implemented solution

  • • Servers in virtual mode localised in high redundancy Data Centres located in Luxembourg;
  • • Service delivery stations allowing quick and easy access to server resources;
  • • Automatic secure backup service with externalising data to a remote Data Centre;
  • • Server management service (up to Operating System level) and user support;
  • • Service provision of telecommunications access and secure Internet access;
  • • IP Telephony Service.

Characteristics & Guarantees of our solution

Agil-IT has developed and operates its own Cloud infrastructure in two data centres Tier IV level and situated in Luxembourg, offering PSF-authorised managed services.

This solution meets the CSSF requirements ensuring essential criteria for the financial & insurance sector including hosting of IT resources in Tier IV Data Centre in Luxembourg; CSSF-related security supervision of Agil-IT carried out by an internal and external audit; strict compliance with security rules: Integrity, Privacy, Accessibility and, where appropriate, guarantee non-repudiation of all the data entrusted to Agil-IT.

Solution diagram

Cloud Infrastructure and Telephonie

Applied technologies

DELL, IBM Storage, VMWare, CITRIX, Dell Wyse, AppAssure, Innovaphone

Back-up & restore services.

CSSF-compliant multi-site back-up & restore & disaster recovery services implementation on an iSeries platform.

Customer context & requirements

The customer has an iSeries platform to handle commercial activities in 2 different sites for which an automated back-up service is required.

Users in these 2 sites connect to the server located in Arlon through Internet connections.

Current daily non-automated server back-up on magnetic tapes takes time and is human error-prone. In addition, lacking testing might lead to operational data restore issues.

Customer requirement is twofold: automated back-up service “Agil-Store” for 1 iSeries system, making available of a remote server for back-up testing and disaster recovery services.

Implemented solution

Installing a firewall at the Arlon site, implementing an externalised back-up solution versus the primary site and implementing automated back-up scripts at iSeries level.

Furthermore: setting-up of a disaster recovery solution and a data restore test service including data recovery in case of incidents.

The externalised back-up solution is located in a Tier IV data centre located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, ensuring top level physical & access security compliant with CSSF regulation.

The implementation of choice is a combination of native iSeries platform solutions and AppAssure to run back-ups and replication requirements of the customer’s customers.

Solution diagram

iSeries Backup&Restore Services